About DJA

Dancil-Jones & Associates, Inc. (DJA) founded Dancil-Jones & Associates, Inc. a small business initially servicing secondary educational institutions and colleges/universities in the northeastern United States that grew to offering innovative quality services to government agencies, utilities, financial institutions and fortune 500 companies. A few of these clients include SC Johnson Wax, Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries, public utilities, charter schools, financial institutions and oil companies.

She has designed, developed and delivered various training and consulting services such as equity & inclusion in work teams and systems, building high performance cross-cultural teams, organization assessments, leadership enhancement skills, executive coaching, competent cross-cultural communication.

Brenda’s Mediation practice was born out of decades of working through employment disputes with federal agency employees and federal government contracting entities.  She also works with couples regarding marital disputes.

She holds an MSW from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and is a past member of National Training Laboratories.


Michael Burkart holds a doctorate in Behavioral Studies from Boston University and is a past member of National Training Laboratories.

In addition to consulting, Michael has taught at Antioch New England Graduate School for seven years two of which were as Acting Chair of the Department of Organization & Management.

His community work has focused on institutional racism where for 20 years he tracked the disparate discipline of children of color in public schools for use in developing appropriate corrective actions by school boards.   He also supports and advocates for people of color wrongly arrested/wrongly charged by the judicial system.

The various hurdle images included in the Zip file – I want to create a coherent image that features POC and women competing trying to get to succeed in their respective careers.