About DJA

Dancil-Jones & Associates, Inc. (DJA) is a woman owned multidisciplinary company headquartered in Silver Spring, MD with an operations facility in Washington, DC. Throughout our history, DJA has stood on our values of Integrity, Efficiency and Quality to ensure organizational success in setting and achieving goals and objectives. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness to client needs and concerns.

At DJA we believe that an organization’s success is based on the appropriate management of its people, paper and processes. This is at the core of what we do – We help organizations maximize their productivity utilizing all their resources effectively and efficiently in a supportive and humane environment.

Using a contemporary approach to traditional business problems is what DJA brings to our public and private-sector clients. We use innovation to provide a full range of professional services and help organizations meet their short and long-range goals, navigate change, and build capacity. At the forefront of this enterprise is the use of cutting-edge technology and systems.

Multiracial Hands Around the Earth Globe

DJA's strength lies in the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its talented and culturally diverse staff and its technical partners. Our experienced professionals bring competence, creativity, and a systems perspective in each project undertaken

Our Policy



Our honesty is based on our particular moral, value, and belief compass and our consistency is what separates us from our competition.


We like to adhere to a strict a code of courtesy, honesty, and responsibility when dealing with our clients and we operate at a high level of excellence.


We used certain business models to help determine the fair value of our customers. And then we put those models to work for you.

Client Care

More than what we say or do for our customers. We also want to give our customers a chance to make their feelings known..