Student Loan Center Manager

Student Loan Center Manager

New York City

The ideal candidate will demonstrate superior knowledge of student loan laws and regulations and will effectively lead a team of student loan counselors

  • Act as a resource and initiate communication with borrowers via e-mail, mail, telephone calls, etc. in a professional and empathetic manner in order to build rapport with staff and  borrowers.
  • Develop technical knowledge to employ multiple internal and external systems simultaneously.
  • Memorize all policy and procedures and practice them on a daily basis.
  • Always display a professional manner while educating and guiding the student borrowers on how refinancing their student loans will benefit them.
  • Ability to work independently after the initial training and exceed established benchmarks and goals.
  • Ability to problem solve quickly and follow-up as necessary.
  • Pay strong attention to detail, specifically with data, in order to resolve discrepancies.
  • Diligently record information about contacts, financial status, solutions, etc. while working with borrowers.
  • Conduct conference calls between the borrower and their student loan servicer in order to provide immediate resolution.
  • Perform various administrative and clerical as needed for assigned work.


  • Bachelors Degree in Finance, Business or Related Field.
  •  Superior customer service and communication skills.
  • Five years or student loan management or collections experience
  • Knowledge of state and federal student  loan laws and regulations
  • Experience working with internal and external databases.
  • In order to perform this job, you must not be in default on any Federal Title IV student loans.
  • Must have excellent attendance.
  • An effective communicator who is quick thinking and able to use individual circumstantial information to assist borrowers in bringing their student loans current and finding a long-term repayment solution.
  • This position requires professionalism, confidence, resilience, strong organizational and communications skills, exceptional persistence, a high level of commitment, and the ability to guide and motivate others.


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